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Unitronux is a technology-based company dedicated to intelligent classroom&

integrated intelligent hardware solutions, Integrating scientific research, software and hardware development, production, sales and service.


Since its establishment in 2002, the company's technical core team has      made some achievements in wireless communications, digital, notebook,    IPAD  and other fields. In 2015, it entered the field of smart education and  strived  to  become a domestic wisdom education with its excellent product development strength. To become the leader in intelligent hardware integration solutions!


影院在线Mobile phone SKD-CKD-Desiging Housing Setup

影院在线International business cooperation with Lava

影院在线Developping e-books, Provide smart class  solutions

Intelligence Ebook Provide for Qtone

Windows 10 會遇到“閃屏”問題,導致電腦無法正常使用。該問題是由于其他第三方軟件存在兼容性問題導致,閃屏...

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